full-stack developer salary scope

Full-stack Developer Salary| | Future scope

full-stack developer salary scope


Internet users are increasing, so will the jobs of full-stack developers also increase. In the coming time, a full-stack developer will have a lot, because why would any company hire two people for one job when only one person can do the same work very well. If we talk about salary then your salary depends on your experience. It basically starts with 5lakh PA and reaches up to millions. (FULL-STACK DEVELOPER SALARY)

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The demand for the full-stack developer is continuously increasing day by day. If you check on job websites then you will realize the demand for a full-stack web-developer. IT COMPANIES are giving a 22 lakh salary package to full-stack web developers. In recent years Facebook like companies said that we will hire only full-stack developers. That’s why many college students want to know about full-stack development. In India, its demand is also increasing very rapidly.

A full-stack developer is also known as a full-stack web developer. A full-stack developer is basically a programmer who can work on the client site and server site. In simple words, we can say that a programmer who can work in the front end and as well as in the backend is known as a full-stack web developer. There are many more things that a full-stack developer knows but we see about the main components. If you don’t know about frontend and backend then don’t worry in this article will explain everything about full-stack web development such as demand, carrier, and salary.


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Front end developer is a programmer who handles the client-side of any web. Such as the front end developer is responsible for the structure, design, and interaction with the user. There are many more things but the main thing which consumes your time in learning are as follows
HTML, CSS, and javascript are used by every website available on the internet.

  • HTML
  • CSS

HTML stands for (hypertext markup language). HTML is a markup language that is responsible for making the structure of all the webpages. To become a full-stack web developer first, you need to learn HTML. In simple words, we can say that Html tells the browser how to show the content. Html is used to label parts of content to our web browser such as “This is Heading 1”, “This is a paragraph”, “This is a link”, etc.

CSS stands for (Cascading Style Sheet). With the help of HTML, we give structure to the web page. But with the help of CSS, we design and give an attractive look to the web page. HTML and CSS are always used together.

Javascript is a programming language where HTML and CSS are markup languages. Javascript is also known as JS and dynamic interpreted programming language. Programs that are written in js are known as scripts. Javascript is a very lightweight programming language that’s why it is used widely.

If we compare these three languages with our body, then we can say that HTML is the skeleton of our body. CSS is our muscles and rest body, where javascript is our brain.

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A backend developer is a person who handles the server side of any website. When we visit any website on the internet we see there are many options we use according to our needs. Such as download any pdf file, buy any product from any e-commerce site, or we fill any form for any job or anything else. Technology that is used behind this is known as backend development. There are many more things but the main thing which consumes your time in learning are as follows

Backend developers know these four things very well.

  1. Programming language.
  2. Database.
  3. Server.


If you want to work in the backend, then you must know anyone’s programming language very well. Such as Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc. You can also learn these programming languages for free through YouTube, or from any website. If you are dedicated to learning any programming language then you can easily learn any language in 30 days.


As a full-stack developer, you must know one or two databases and to interact with the database. Every website, application, and projects require a database to store and to access data currently popular databases are MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis Oracle, etc. For larger projects, I would recommend you MySQL or Oracle as a back-end database.

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A computer that delivers a webpage is known as a web server. Every web server has its unique IP address and domain name. For example when you enter any URL to search for anything on the internet on the browser of your phone or pc. Then browser sends the request to the webserver then the webserver sends that specific webpage to your browser.


It depends on your speed of learning. If we talk about the average person then it takes 6 months to become a good web developer if they learn with the correct strategy. It is very important to work hard every day to become a full-stack web developer. If you want to know where you should start then you must check this ROADMAP link. (FULL-STACK DEVELOPER SALARY)

Hope this article is helpful for you.

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