Top 10 reasons of failure in Network Marketing.

Actually, this question is wrong as to why people failure in network marketing. Rather, this question should be asked why people quit working in network marketing. Because no one can fail in network marketing until he wants to fail. In this article, I will show you the 10 reasons why people will not succeed in network marketing?

Top 10 reasons of failure in Network Marketing.

10 Causes of Failure in Network Marketing.

  1. Wrong company.
  2. Not following the system.
  3. Lack of commitment.
  4. No written goals.
  5. No prospects list.
  6. Accountability.
  7. Taking no seriously.
  8. Easily discouraged.
  9. Personality
  10. Lack of confidence.

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Let’s see some main reasons for failure in MLM in detail.

People fail in network marketing because they start with the wrong company.

Most people fail in network marketing because they chose the wrong company. And this is why some people think that network marketing is not a good choice for a career. It is most important to choose the right company before choosing a network marketing company. So let us see on what basis we choose the right company. I am doing network marketing in Vestige and taking the example of this company, I will tell you how to choose the right company.

Products If the products of any company are not good then the company does not have a bright future. Let’s talk about vestige. vestige give a 100% satisfaction guarantee for each product at an affordable price. Because they have trust in their products otherwise no one can give a money-back guarantee.

Variety of products If you are thinking of joining a company, first of all, check the variety of its products. Because of the variety of products will be more, then you can approach more people easily. For example, if we look at Vestige itself, Vestige has 5 types of products such as Health Products, Agricultural Products, Personal Care Products, Oral Care, and Business Tools. All the vestige products are certified and need base products. Which you are already buying from other local shops. If you want to work with a winning team then fill this form

Company background you can see the company background through this growth chart of vestige. If you want to know more about the vestige business plan then click on this link. Earn Money With Vestige Marketing Business Plan.

Not following the system.

People think that they will become successful in MLM. Definitely, they will be successful but only if they have too much patience. Many people do not have patience and they quit. It is the biggest reason that people quit MLM. But if you follow the system then you will not make mistakes which generally people already had been made. The other benefit of following the system is that you will become in contact with successful people. If you live with 5 drunker people, then you will become the sixth drunker. If you live in the company of thieves, then you will also become a thief. It will be the same in the MLM industry. If you live with five rich people, then it is certain that you will also become rich.

If you join us then you will get the best education system in India called WINNING TEAM. Winning Team is one of the best leading teams in vestige.

Lack of self-commitment in Network Marketing.

People fail in network marketing because they have a lack of commitment. Every network marketer should be committed that I have to always ready to show the business plans even at night. If you are a part-time Network Marketer then you should make a commitment that you will show at least 5 business plans every day. If you are a full-time Network Marketer then you must show at least 10 plan every day.

No written goal.

Every network marketer should write goals with a date. Because if you write your goal with the date then your chances to succeed become more. You should make an everyday new goal. For example Today I will show … plan and follow up on yesterday’s prospects. If you want to be happy set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hope.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

A goal without a timeline is just a dream.

No prospects list/Accountability.

On the first day of joining you must make a list of at least 100 people to whom you will show the plan. Your list building should not stop until your last breath. It is the rule of the network marketing industry that you have to follow to become successful. Prospects list making also helps in accountability. You should be not easily discouraged because direct selling is the business of patience. Here accountability means that you have to keep track of daily work as if you can write daily how many people you told the plan, how many people to follow, etc.

Taking no seriously.

People do not take network marketing seriously because there are no entry fees to do multi-level marketing. This is also the biggest reason for failure in network marketing. People fail because they think that network marketing is a business to get rich quickly but it is not so. In network marketing, the only way to earn is to approach more people.

Easily Discouraged.

Many people get discouraged very quickly because when we talk about anything. When we start afresh, we have to work very hard and our earnings are nothing. We don’t even have to think about giving up at all for 3 months. no matter what happens. In network marketing, when you initially tell 100 people a plan, maybe only 10 people will join it, but gradually your experience increases, and then people also start connecting with you more. This is the time of three months from the beginning, this is the exam time and if you do not give up in these 3 months then you will definitely be successful in network marketing.

Personality/lack of confidence.

If someone rejects your plan, then actually the person rejects you not your business plan. As soon as you tell someone a plan, then you say that join with us, life will change, but if your own personality is bad, and you are not confident then no one joins with you. Even though personality does not matter in any other business, but personality matters a lot in network marketing.

Hope this blog is helpful for you and you will be successful one day.

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