Why Vestige Network Marketing is Better Than Job?

Why Vestige Network Marketing is Better Than Job?

Why Vestige Network Marketing is Better Than Job?

Vestige Network Marketing is a thousand times better than Jobs because independence is the only key to live a happy life. A 9 to 5 job is the simplest way of earning money but also the worst way. Many traditional businesses are earning money. They are their own boss but they are not independent. Because they know that if they will not open the shop then they will not earn. But it is not necessary to go out from home for Network Marketing. You can do your Vestige Network Marketing business from your home with the help of social media.

The Network Marketing Industry is the only industry which makes maximum millionaire in the world. Around 150 million people worldwide consisting of 10% as full-time and 90 as part-time doing Network Marketing. According to reports, there are around 2 million jobs will be lost after the COVID-19 lockdown. Every educated person wants to do a direct selling business with a genuine company. Income from direct selling can earn passive income after 2 years.

Direct selling has already emerged as a successful industry in over 100 countries, with market size of USD 180 billion. In India, the market was estimated at Rs7,500 crore (2013–14). India’s direct selling industry may reach Rs64500 crore in 2025: from ficci report.

Vestige Network Marketing plan.

Let’s understand the Vestige Marketing plan by Great motivational speaker Sonu Sharma.

Why Every Student Should do Vestige Network Marketing?

  • Communication Skills and Public Speaking.
  • The Network is Equal to Net Worth.
  • Great Business Opportunity.
  • To Become Employer Not Employee.
  • Leadership Quality and Team Work.

Let’s lookup in detail.

  1. In the name of personality development many students paying lots of fees to institutes. When you work dedicatedly to the Vestige Marketing company. Then you will contact many people and you will become an experienced communicator for unknown people. In Vestige Network Marketing your upline will teach you. How to communicate with your prospects?
  2. Many motivational speakers achieve this skill during their network marketing career.
  3. Billionaires says that Your Network is equal to Your Networth. Each company created its network after that they can earn money. Jio is one of the best examples of the network. Commercially Jio 4g launched its 4G services on 5 September 2016. Jio offering free data and voice services till 31 December, which was later extended till 31 March 2017 only for creating the network.
  4. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems in our country. If you do network marketing then you will become an employer, not an employee. You can also play an important role in developing our nation.
  5. In the network marketing industry, you will always work with your team. That’s why you will become a good leader.

The reality of Multilevel Marketing.

Let us know the reality of Network Marketing from great motivational speaker Vivek Bindra.

Who should do Direct Selling Business?

Everyone who wants to earn and want financial freedom in life money should do Network Marketing. Because Network Marketing is only one industry that does not require any qualification. Some questions of my audience are as follows.

Ques.1. I am a very shy type of person should I do Vestige Network Marketing?

Ans. Yes, you can share youtube videos of business plan directly with your prospects. For example, you can tell your prospect that I have a great business opportunity for you.

Ques.2. I don’t know many people to whom I can show Vestige’s plan?

Ans. Every network marketer faces this problem in the 90s but now easily connects people on social media. There are billions of people using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Ques.3. How long it takes to earn money for me from Vestige Network Marketing?

Ans. It all depends on you but if you work with dedication then you can easily earn 50thousand in just 90 days of smart work.

Ques.4. How I can join?

Ans. If you want to do Network Marketing then fill this form

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